The Worldwide Specialist In Processing
Snacks, Savories, Nuts And Seeds

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The worldwide specialist in processing potatoes, snacks, savouries, nuts and seeds



Kuipers Food Processing Machinery is a worldwide specialist in processing nuts, snacks, potato products and savouries. Since 1985, our company has been specifically focusing on food processing systems, giving us the experience and in-depth knowledge to deliver the best solutions on the market.

Innovation and sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We are continuously working to improve our processes and technology. Our team of experts is a mixture of both engineers and salesmen which all have over ten years of experience within the industry. Our technology is present in more than 50 countries worldwide.
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Since its establishment in 1985, Kuipers Food Processing Machinery has grown its expertise in the production and frying of snacks, savouries, nuts and seeds. A deliberate choice, because we believe you can only become really good at something if you're specialized.


Our systems are developed with Dutch engineering expertise and constructed from high-quality components. Guaranteed quality throughout machine lifetime.


Are you looking for a capacity of 100 kilograms or 6.000? In all cases, Kuipers can deliver you an optimal solution from a small machine to a complete system.


We care for our environment and acknowledge the importance of working together towards a brighter future. Our machinery presents the most energy efficient solutions on market when it comes to water usage and oil consumption.

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From individual units to full production lines. Here are our latest state-of-the-art creations!

Mini croutons capacity 1000 kg/h, Israel
Nuts processing line capacity 3000kg/h, The Netherlands
Chips processing line 1000kg/h, Iraq
Front line
Front line for PC/PS500, UAE


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